2 weeks out from my pro debut!!


It’s getting very very real now. Less than 2 weeks left until I step on stage for the biggest competition of my life! It has been a long and very eventful contest prep so far, however I have stuck it out this far and am ready, registered and committed to pushing it all the way to the finish line. This last stretch it the toughest, and the part where you see the most change in your physique on a daily basis. Last night (Saturday night) rather than going out to a movie to a movie or dinner and drinks like a normal couple, my husband and I went to Golds gym, In Venice California, where he motivated and pushed me through a tough back session that I would never have been able to get through with such intensity on my own.

We started with sets of heavy deadlfts followed by wide grip pull-ups with no rest in between. This was followed by a circuit of pullovers, Seated rows, and back extensions for 3 rounds. The final circuit was Dumbbell bent over rows, followed by high rope pulls, followed by 2 minutes of rope climb ‘Viper’ Machine. Again this was for 3 rounds. The workout It was tough and just what I needed. Every training session must count, and at this stage in the game, being able to push hard when energy is low, makes all the difference to how you look in the end. Thank you so much to my husband Tony Morris for pushing me through this. Please visit his page www.tonymorrisfitness.com



Here is my current progress. I look forward to sharing the daily changes over the remaining days.