4 days Later…..


This is the article that no competitor wants to write. Needless to say I have been putting it off!

The explanation of why I didn’t make it to the competition.

On Monday August 11th I was on my way out for my morning cardio session on the beach with my dog Buddy. We were hit by a left turning car as we were crossing the street at the crosswalk.

Buddy escaped unscathed, but for me Paramedics were called as I was unable to put weight in my left ankle where the car had struck me. I was taken to the ER where ex rays revealed I had a broken tibia. This was only two days before I was due to fly out to Vegas for the WBFF Worlds. I had been training for this show for many months, so naturally it’s a huge disappointment to have been taken out of the game so close to the end.

The show has come and gone. I watched results closely over the internet, wishing I was there. The winner of my division was the stunning Emily Stirling, racking up her fourth Pro World title. Where would I have placed? I will never know. I have yet to make that pro debut!!!

It’s all in the past now. Looking forwards means new goals. This hopefully begins with a speedy recovery. In life when things like this happen positivity is one of the most important elements when it comes to improving your situation. I’m always looking for the best possible outcome, and when it comes to my training, constant and consistent improvement is always the goal. There will always be obstacles in life for all of us. It’s how we handle and overcome them that matters.

As Rocky Balboa said.

“It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forwards”


Below is the video clip of my final leg workout with my husband and coach Tony Morris, leading up to the contest. I guess it will actually be my last leg workout for a number of weeks!! It was a tough one as I was training multiple times a day on restricted calories. However, as difficult as the workout was and as exhausted as I felt at the time, I long to be able to train like this again soon. When unfortunate circumstances arise, one is reminded to appreciate the most simple and basic gifts that life offers.


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