9 days and 22 hours…..



This morning I woke up at 4am, no alarm set, but The very high water intake right now has me up several times in the night. Today I took advantage of this and decided to go straight downstairs to the gym to get one round of today’s cardio out of the way. I have always been a believer in fasted cardio first thing in the morning where my schedule allows. Many fitness experts write for or against it. I personally feel that it’s a great way to get your metabolism kick started for the day as long as you eat right away when you are done. If your primary goal is to build muscle then it makes sense to avoid fasted cardio and I typically don’t do much cardio during a muscle building phase if any at all.

A breakfast of a cup and a half of cooked egg whites, topped with cinnamon and stevia and a teaspoon of coconut oil was to follow. It might sound strange but when going through contest prep diet one certainly develops some unusual tastes in the quest to find calorie free pleasure from food!!

Below is a Clip of one set of my leg workout with my husband Tony Morris yesterday. It was an intense workout. I’ve never had such a tough leg workout this close to a competition before. I really needed this push. Every workout at this point needs to count and can make a difference to how polished your physique looks on stage. Out of the 9 days left only 6 of them Are training days. So tha is only 6 more chances to make a difference.

Thank you Tony Morris!! Visit his page for personal training and nutrition advice WWW.TONYMORRISFITNESS.COM