Back to the GYM!!!!


Here is a basic gym routine you can try next time you go to the gym. Its simple,  straightforward and ideal if your are just getting back into the gym after a summer layoff.

The workout is broken down into three mini-circuits. Perform each exercise in the first group, following the recommended number of reps. Once you have completed all three exercises, repeat the circuit for a total of three rounds.

When selecting a weight for the resistance exercises, choose levels that make the last 5 reps extremely challenging. You should feel a good burn, but don’t sacrifice good form for the sake of heavy weight, especially if you haven’t weight-trained in a while.


Here is the workout breakdown:


GYM workout


Circuit 1

Bosu knee-elbow crunch 20 reps

Knee raises (Roman Chair) 10-15 reps

Weighted Split squats (12 reps per leg)


Repeat this circuit 3 times.


Circuit 2

Lat pulldowns  15 reps

Incline chest press 15 reps

Tricep pushdowns 15 reps


Repeat this circuit 3 times.


Circuit 3

Adductions 20 reps

Abductions 20 reps

Leg press 20 reps


Repeat this circuit 3 times.