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When I started working with Judy, I was already living a very active lifestyle. However, I lacked direction in my training and I was not satisfied with the results I was getting.  Judy helped me set clear fitness goals and immediately organized  a training and nutrition plan that had me excited to do the work that was required. I was inspired by some of the muscular fit physiques I had seen at the gym and I was very keen to increase my strength and gain lean muscle.


Grace transformation

Before (left) and after (right).



The first thing Judy did was to cut back on the amount of cardio I was doing, and she encouraged me to start eating more food. During our workouts we gradually increased the weights I was lifting and I was amazed by how quickly my strength improved.  At first I had been a little hesitant to make these changes, as it was very different from my cardio-centric lifestyle. The more the results came, the more I placed my trust in Judy. I followed her exact plan and was beyond thrilled with how my body changed. I rapidly started to put on  muscle, adding more shape and definition to my body.

Within  6 months of training with Judy,  I gained almost 20 pounds of lean mass, doubled my caloric intake while maintaining a healthy  level of conditioning. I was so excited with the changes in my body that I decided to compete in my first fitness competition.

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Not only did Judy get me into the best shape of my life, but she did it without sacrificing my health or sanity.  Throughout the 16 weeks of preparing for my competition, I did minimal cardio and continued to eat a substantial and healthy diet all the way to the day of my show. I was shocked that I could get into this level of condition without killing myself with cardio or starving. During my contest prep, Judy not only set me on the right track with my diet and training, but she also made sure that I was going into the show with a healthy mindset.


me & Grace


One of the most important things I learned was to love my body in all its stages.  Many women struggle with depression after seeing their body normalize after getting lean for a fitness competition.  Judy made sure to prepare me mentally as well as physically, and I am happy to say that even after watching my body normalize to a more sustainable level, I have never felt more comfortable or confident in my body. It did take some coaching post show, but thanks to Judy, I have learned to enjoy my body in all its shapes and sizes, train hard, eat wisely according to my goals, and have a blast while doing it.  Judy got me started on my fitness path and I am forever grateful.

sarah Grace