Destry Sulkes M.D.

Lifetime Fitness Enthusiast

I came to Judy at age 47 with an attitude that I “knew it all” about my fitness, and had never fully trusted trainers’ advice. I was a swimmer in college, and a life-long cardio addict with a standing fitness goal to “maintain”. At 6’0″, I was 153lbs, 4% body fat, with a 45bpm resting heart rate.

After 12 weeks with Judy, I gained 15lbs of lean muscle and had no increase in body fat. I never realized this kind of transformation was possible, and am now working on the next phase, with a goal of 180lbs. She knows exactly what’s needed from the mind and body to achieve success.

My initial motivation was my wife encouraging me to build muscle since I’d always been really lean. I knew how to stay skinny, but not how to get strong. Judy changed all that. After asking about my patterns with eating, drinking and working out, she observed me thru our first few sessions together, then created a meal and workout plan that I started to follow and later came to trust.
At first, it was really strange to eat a lot more and do a lot less cardio. She guided me through a new diet with more frequent and balanced meals; she also taught me plyometrics and very specific weight training. After the first month, I saw some initial changes, felt great, and was ready to fully follow her methods. Eventually, I cut way back on alcohol too.
Before Judy, I thought body-building and strict diets were just for other people, but now I know differently. I feel more energetic, stronger, more balanced at work and at home, and just generally happier than ever before.
I’d recommend Judy to anyone ready to embark on a new and improved relationship with their body, since she has so much to offer. I consider myself lucky to have found such a smart, supportive and demanding trainer.



When I started working with Judy, I was already living a very active lifestyle. However, I lacked direction in my training and I was not satisfied with the results I was getting. Judy helped me set clear fitness goals and immediately organized a training and nutrition plan that had me excited to do the work that was required. I was inspired by some of the muscular fit physiques I had seen at the gym and I was very keen to increase my strength and gain lean muscle.



Grace transformation Before (left) and after (right).


The first thing Judy did was to cut back on the amount of cardio I was doing, and she encouraged me to start eating more food. During our workouts we gradually increased the weights I was lifting and I was amazed by how quickly my strength improved. At first I had been a little hesitant to make these changes, as it was very different from my cardio-centric lifestyle. The more the results came, the more I placed my trust in Judy. I followed her exact plan and was beyond thrilled with how my body changed. I rapidly started to put on muscle, adding more shape and definition to my body.


Within 6 months of training with Judy, I gained almost 20 pounds of lean mass, doubled my caloric intake while maintaining a healthy level of conditioning. I was so excited with the changes in my body that I decided to compete in my first fitness competition.


Not only did Judy get me into the best shape of my life, but she did it without sacrificing my health or sanity. Throughout the 16 weeks of preparing for my competition, I did minimal cardio and continued to eat a substantial and healthy diet all the way to the day of my show. I was shocked that I could get into this level of condition without killing myself with cardio or starving. During my contest prep, Judy not only set me on the right track with my diet and training, but she also made sure that I was going into the show with a healthy mindset.




One of the most important things I learned was to love my body in all its stages. Many women struggle with depression after seeing their body normalize after getting lean for a fitness competition. Judy made sure to prepare me mentally as well as physically, and I am happy to say that even after watching my body normalize to a more sustainable level, I have never felt more comfortable or confident in my body. It did take some coaching post show, but thanks to Judy, I have learned to enjoy my body in all its shapes and sizes, train hard, eat wisely according to my goals, and have a blast while doing it. Judy got me started on my fitness path and I am forever grateful.




Quinn Tew

WBFF Fitness Competitor April 2015


“I have been active all my life and an athlete for many years. My sports were rugby and powerlifitg and some running. Most of my goals in the past have been performance based. Training for my figure competition with the WBFF is the first time I have had an aesthetic goal such as becoming a fitness model.

The process made me determined, curious, and nervous but excited to take on the challenge. I met my coach Judy through a mutual friend, bikini competitor Erika Straub. About a year about a year ago, I was in France teaching English and as a result training and fitness took a back seat. While there Erika and I remained in contact and I watched her grow and transform into the amazing, strong, and bikini competitor. She sparked my motivation to compete. I teamed up with Judy and discussed a plan of action to start the process in France and officially started when I moved about to California. Through it was mostly online training, texts, and Skype calls. I trusted the process and saw results.

Her knowledge, skills, and unwavering support helped me become the fitness competitor I am now. These past 4 months have been a journey. The path to now was fun, tough, emotional, informative, and eye opening. I feel like this preparation has made me rediscover my hunger for competition, athleticism, and to inspire others. I feel strong, confident, and able to be myself but a better more whole version of me. Sure I had fear and self doubt… A lot of it. But my inner monologue and Judy’s and Erika’s friendship, mentorship, and holding me accountable made be stay on track. I have come to love and live the process of recreating my body and bring the best and package I can to my first show. Though not a game, it is a sport and you have to be just as tough physically and mentally for it. It’s a process and a sport to respect.”

Ashley Bowman

Pro Figure Competitor April 2014

Santa Monica, CA


“When I first met Judy in October 2013, I had been working out regularly (running and lifting weights 5-6x a week) for a while, but didn’t have any really fitness goals and hadn’t seen many changes in my body.  Judy approached me at the gym where I trained and asked if I’d ever thought of bodybuilding.  I wasn’t sure exactly what it entailed, but I figured if it would make my body look anything like hers, I should give it a try.

When I began training with Judy about a month later, she set a workout program and nutrition plan for me that were designed to help me reach my goal of competing in figure competition in April 2014.  Between mid-November and the end of January 2014, I increased my metabolic capacity and increased from 1800 to 2400 calories while dropping from 21% to 15% body fat.  In addition to workouts and nutritional guidance, Judy also helped guide me through the anxiety and insecurities every competitor faces in preparing to compete for the first time.  As long as I was willing to put in 100%, Judy was willing to put in 110%.

When I finally stepped on stage in April, I was fitter than I’d ever been and had reached the kind of condition I’d previously thought my genetics would never let me achieve.  Best of all, finally saw changing my physique as a constructive process to be enjoyed rather than a painful one to suffer through.”



Erika Straub

Bikini Competitor April/November 2014

Santa Monica, CA

erika bikini

“From November 2013 to April 2014 my entire world has changed, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. I have never felt more in tune with the functioning of my body and more goal orientated. I now have a direction and purpose with my workouts and a vision of who I want to be and what I want to look like. All the years of having a negative self image and disdain for the shape of my body, all of the negative energy has been fuel to work hard!

Once all of this energy was redirected I was amazed at how much I could actually change my body! It is a matter of mind set and a matter of how bad you truly want it. It is about overcoming your fears and not letting them be your limitations. I set the bar way too low for myself because I was afraid and because I didn’t have the confidence in myself. If I set the bar low I would never have to step outside my comfort zone and put myself out there.

I continually self sabotaged myself. So instead of hiding this internal pain, this lack of fulfillment, and this fear, I got on stage half naked, smiling, and truly feeling the best I have felt in my life. And now I want to be better. I was afraid I wouldn’t measure up to the women standing next to me, but what I realized is the mutual respect we all had for each other. How each and everyone of us had to dig into our cores and face our fears to step on stage. I found it to be so amazing to be around such empowering women and instead of feeling like I had to compare myself, I found myself asking how can I be better than I am today. Competing in a physique show has been the best decision I have ever made.

I would have never discovered this passion or known where to start if it wasn’t for Judy Wright-Morris. From day one walking into equinox this lady caught my eye. There was something about her physical presence and calm confident demeanor that pulled me towards getting to know her and to ask a million questions about her muscles and her lifestyle. Within a month of meeting Judy I was inspired!

I was feeling my weakest and desperate for a push and a change in a big way. So I said Judy will you coach me for a show!! We sat down middle of November and worked out a game plan for the first month, a skeleton for the next 20 weeks, and picked a show. As a trainer already I felt confident in my form and my lifts so I opted to workout on my own with weekly check ins and goals. What Judy did for me was write all of my workouts and my meal plans.

I really enjoyed the first 12 weeks of this process and Judy was the mentor I never had! I had no idea what was coming next! It worked for me to stay focused on the current present plan and not worry myself with the next steps because I was concerned I would get too overwhelmed. Judy transitioned me flawlessly through the next phases of training.

At the 16-12 week range cardio was introduced and my meal plans became precise. I also added some supplements into the mix. I would have been lost without her knowledge of how and when when to implement cardio, and what kind. At this point I was feeling quite massive and bulky and had some minor melt downs and Judy assured me to trust the process. It was nearly impossible to do this so I leaned on her quite heavily for validation and she took it in stride. Made me laugh when I wanted to just stay “fat” and told me her horror stories and mistakes as a rookie and to just keep following our plan. I was more then ready to do cardio because of how thick I felt and I think this motivated me to work hard.

In this time period my body fat percentage and weight dropped pretty fast and I was thrilled. I think this made me a little too lenient on my scheduled “refeed” days because they more or less turned into binge days. This was very emotional for me, very primal, and I had a hard time putting the fork down. I usually showed up a mess the beginning of the week for my behavior. Judy always had the right suggestions to help with this and also talked me off the ledge.

Every Monday this became an important time for us to meet, because I was emotionally beat up. Once this became a constant, more cardio was implemented. I truly believe in her ability to see where I needed to be and that I wasn’t going to be there I’m time because I wasn’t as good as I should have been on the weekends and this is a testament to her expertise. I wouldn’t have added the extra cardio on my own or wanted too, but because she said I needed to to fend off the diet mishaps I did it. She adjusted my work out in perfect time and fashion. At the 12 week mark we added some more supplements and the hardcore cutting phase was upon us. I was 100% strict with my diet 6 days a week, but damn you Saturday and your binges.

I didn’t miss one workout. And I really enjoyed the new workouts she gave me. Judy knew exactly when to change my routines so that I wouldn’t plateau or ever be too comfortable. We also started working on posing this far out. As someone who has been on stage many times she constantly told me how important this is to not leave for last minute. I will never forget the first pose I struck and her stone cold expression of concern. I’m pretty sure she said “oh shit” in her head! This has been a running joke ever since, and one day I’m going to throw that pose out there on stage just for her!”


“The last 8 weeks were very intense. We met weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, if nothing else for a therapy session. My workouts changed yet again and cardio became a huge part of my training. My nutrition was also monitored much more closely. We tracked everything and did bi-weekly weigh ins and measurements. I definitely was neurotic by this point.

Although I doubted my ability to compete because I thought I would never be ready she breathed just enough fear in me to work harder and enough comfort to keep me going. She organized group posing sessions and competitors dinner nights to help all of her clients to have a social life and still have fun! At this point she helped me order the right suit, pick out a ball gown, and how to navigate registering for the show and beauty appointments! The last month was just a grind. Always tweaking my program to meet what my body needed. She coached me through the last two weeks where fluid balance, sodium, and carbs are crucial to your performance. These last weeks would have been impossible without her guidance. She was there for me every step of the way, all the way to the stage, as she was backstage videoing!! I have found an amazing friend, role model, mentor, expert, and coach through this process! I am entirely more knowledgeable about this sport and am so excited for my next show.

Now we have a baseline and a better idea of what my body will do, what areas need more development, how I’ll react on stage, my binging habits and how to curb that, and my mental thresholds. I can’t wait to work with her on round II. Her other clients and I have bonded through this journey and have learned to shut our brains off and trust her! It’s the best feeling having complete trust in another’s guidance!

Thank you for everything Judy, words cannot express my gratitude! You have truly given my life more meaning!”

Christel Oerum

WBFF Fitness Competitor, October 2009

Venice, CA


“I first met Judy at Gold’s gym in 2013, and remember thinking “that is the body I want”. About a year later, I decided that I wanted to compete in a fitness competition, and Judy was the first and only coach I interviewed for the job. It’s been quite a journey and Judy has been there with me all the way. We started the building phase in March 2014 and Judy was very hands on with both meal plans and workout plans. I always thought I was lifting heavy, but Judy helped me push to a whole other level, and I loved it!  As we approached my competition date October 18th, the collaboration became even more intense. Judy did daily assessment and made adjustments to both diet and workouts depending on how my body responded. It was very intense, but with Judy’s help, I came in at exactly the condition I was hoping for, and I’m beyond ecstatic about the total package I brought to the stage.

This journey was very much worth the time, effort and sacrifices and I’m so very happy that I had Judy by my side all the way.”


Inge Boubez

WBFF Bikini Competitor 2010

Vancouver, BC

“Judy Wright is not just a skilled and kick-ass trainer. She is also an effective motivator and a role model (looking at her physique as a professional competitor herself made me want to attain similar results, and feel that it’s possible to do so). I came to her at the beginning physically weak and gaunt. I’ve never in my life trained at the gym.

For years, I had struggled trying to achieve a healthy weight, strength and muscle definition, but it wasn’t until I worked with Judy that the endeavor fruitioned, through regular training at the gym and outdoors, diet coaching and friendly motivational pep talk. Having gained about 12 of lean muscle mass later in just a span of a few short months, I was a contender at the 2010 WBFF BC championship for the Bikini category.

Judy is an amazing trainer. I am proud to say that I have trained with her.”


Stephanie Castro

WBFF Pro Fitness Competitor April 2009

Vancouver, BC.

WBFF World Championships 2012

“Working with Judy made all the difference in preparing for my first fitness competition! There are a dozen aspects of the contest that we  were thoroughly prepared for, and quickly became familiar with by practicing every week. There are so many little things that you would never know to prepare for, Judy helps you to expect and perfect.

Going into my first show (2009 WBFF BC Championships), my only expectations were to have a great experience and get into the best shape of my life, but Judy  saw the right potential in me to really do more. Little did I know, that I would step onto the WBFF BC championship stage for the very first time and win first place fitness model!  Without Judy Wright I would have been completely lost. She were with me every step of the way helping me to perfect everything I needed to be number one!”

Imaan Nijjer

WBFF Bikini Competitor, August 2009

Vancouver, BC.

“Ms. Judy Wright. How would I describe her? I can think of three words that describe her perfectly well. Phenominal, knowledgable and delivers; this may even be an understatement.

I was most definitely one of Judy’s more challenging clients with very high expectations and a lack of understanding regarding fitness, diet and fitness competitions. From day one, she gave me 150% of herself. My goals instantly became her goals, my set-backs, her failures and my progresses, her successes.

It was through her persistance, determination and all around support that I made it to the WBFF stage with her right there to cheer me on. A journey I will always remember and a success I will always enjoy. I am forever grateful to you Judy and I truly look forward to working with you again in the very near future.”


Linda Maxwell

Pro Figure Competitor & Published Fitness Model 2009

Vancouver, BC


“Judy Wright is an inspiring, dedicated, and dynamic fitness trainer. Her knowledge of the body and how much one can endure is amazing. She is unforgivingly ruthless though extremely effective and always safe!

Whether you want to maintain weight, build muscle, lose fat, or train for a fitness competition, one can be confident that the body and mind are in good hands with Judy. This woman will push you without empathy, while still maintaining a safe workout zone. I trust and adore Ms. Judy Wright and I will always attribute my start in the fitness world to this wonderful trainer and human being !! When I walked into Versus 21 looking for a trainer, I knew I needed someone that would be willing to push me to my limits to help me attain the physique I always…but what was that? Through an assessment with her, Judy helped me to figure that out and sure enough I was pleasantly surprised as I watched my hard work take shape on my body. After several months of training with her she introduced me to the sport of Figure competitions. I entered the Figure and Muscle Model categories at the FAME/WNSO Canadian Nationals and came out with first place wins and my Pro Card!! Those wins kickstarted my future in the fitness industry, which continues to take shape everyday!!

Post competition, I continued to train with Judy and within a week of my win, I landed a job as a fitness model for a workout DVD and my abs are now featured on the cover of the box shot. I also trained with Judy to be a Guest Performer at the FAME West show in March of 2009. Because my guest performance entailed quite a bit of choreography as well as flexibility and strength moves, Judy was cautious in making sure I did not overtrain so that I could maintain enough energy to make it through my dance rehearsals, but still helped me to gain the muscle I wanted and leaned me out in time for the show. It was also around that time that I became an Oxygen Magazine fitness model and Judy trained me for two photo shoots: one for Training the Glutes and the other for the Summer 2009 Abs Collector issue.

Had I not relocated to the opposite coast, Judy would remain my trainer of choice. I highly recommend getting your fitness assessment with Judy whether you are a seasoned athlete or a newcomer to the fitness world. In choosing her, you can only go Wright.”