Exercise Library (Workout 1)

Dumbbell Incline Chest Press

Set an adjustable bench to an incline of 30-45 degrees. Lie on your back on the bench and hold a pair of dumbbells directly above your shoulders with your arms fully extended. Once the dumbbells are raised , rotate your wrists forward so that the palms of your hands are facing away from you, keeping full control of the dumbbells at all times breathe out and push the dumbbells up with your chest hold for a count and then slowly lower them back down. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Deadlift & Row: Bend at the hips to grip the bar with an overhand grip, keep your chest up and your back straight, and begin pushing through your heels to move the bar upward. When the bar passes the knees, aggressively pull the bar back, pulling your shoulder blades together as you drive your hips forward into the bar. Then follow the rowing motion with completing a deadlift then lower the weight and repeat.




External Rotations

Wrap one end of the band around a post. The band should be at the same height as your elbow. Stand with your left side to the band a couple of feet away. Grasp the end of the band with your right hand, and keep your elbow pressed firmly to your side. We recommend you hold a pad or foam roll in place with your elbow to keep it firmly in position. With your upper arm in position, your elbow should be flexed to 90 degrees with your hand reaching across the front of your torso. This will be your starting position. Execute the movement by rotating your arm in a backhand motion, keeping your elbow in place. Continue as far as you are able, pause, and then return to the starting position.

(This can also be performed using a cable machine).


Lat Pulldowns

Grab the bar with the palms facing forward, extend your arms above you, then bring the bar down until it touches your upper chest by drawing the shoulders and the upper arms down and back. Hold the contracted position for 2 counts then slowly raise the bar back up.

Assisted Pull-ups

Use an assisted pull-up machine,. Select a resistance that just allows you to complete the desired number of repetitions. On this machine, the more weight you add, the easier the exercise is to perform as it subtracts from your body weight. Grasp the bar with an overhand grip just outside shoulder width and hang at full arm extension. This is your start position. Keeping your body straight, contract your lats to pull yourself up as high as you can, driving your elbows down. Slowly release to full arm extension. Repeat for the required number of reps and carefully dismount from the apparatus.

Tricep Dips (Bench)
Sit on side of bench. Place hands on edge of bench. Position feet away from bench. Straighten arms, slide rear end off of edge of bench, and rest heels on floor with legs straight. Lower body by bending arms until slight stretch is felt in chest or shoulder, or rear end touches floor. Raise body and repeat. Bench height should allow for full range of motion. Knees can be bent to make exercise easier. Feet can be elevated on another bench to increase resistance.