I like to train chest and back together so that opposing muscle groups are balanced as they recover and grow stronger after my training session. I train using ‘Super-sets’ which means that I perform one exercise immediately followed by another which uses the opposite group of muscles. While one group of muscles are fully activated and working maximally, the other group is working passively or even resting. Then the second exercise in the Super-set reverses the roles.

My workout:

Super-Set 1

Deadlifts 10 reps  + Push-ups 20 reps   x 3

Super-set 2

Incline Dumbbell Chest press 5-10 reps + Pull-ups 5-10 reps x 3

Super-set 3

Machine Flyes 10 reps + One Arm Dumbbell row 10 reps x 3

Super-set 4

Dips 15 reps + Lat pulldowns 10 reps x 3

My main goal right now is to increase my strength and lean muscle mass. Over the years I have learned that for my particular body type at least, focussing on intense weight training is the best way to manage my weight and body fat. I find the same to be true for many of my clients, however trying to convince other females of this is frequently met with much doubt and resistance initially.

During this phase of training I only really do cardiovascular exercise for enjoyment and to maintain some degree of cardiovascular fitness.


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