G-LOVES: Lift & Love

I had to write a post about my absolute favourite fitness fashion accessory. I have always used workout gloves for my weight training sessions. Many weight-lifters feel that this is not hardcore!! WELL…. Anyone who knows me, knows I train hard and lift heavy,  but I’m still a girl!  I see no value in rough callused hands.  If my physique looks it’s best, then I don’t need hands like old sandpaper to show off my hard work. I’m very sure my husband appreciates this also!!

In addition to this I love to wear bright coloured, fun outfits to the gym, since I spend more time there than out at bars, clubs or parties. These fun,  yet functional accessories are eye-catching and beautiful.  Everytime I see a new design from G-loves, I want them immediately.

G-Loves is a rapidly growing activewear company that focuses on developing functional and fashionable gloves for women who participate in weight-lifting and other sweaty and not-so-sweaty pursuits. Attention to detail and quality makes them a distinctive choice for the discerning shopper. G-Loves reach out to the community to help empower women to reach their goals with positivity while fashionably protecting one of their most important tools–the hand! The inside of the glove features our inspirational motto “Lift and Love”.

Helen Armstrong

 G-Loves was founded in 2009 by Hedda Royce. G-Loves is headquartered in Los Angeles and web-based with a domestic and an international distribution and retail business expansion plan.

After twenty-three years of working out and thirteen years of personal training in the fitness world, Hedda Royce noticed that she had something in common with many women—her hands were hurting from lifting and there just weren’t any gloves that could meet her style standards. Hedda moved to LA to develop the “complete package”….a workout glove with pizzazz and protection. G-LOVES, the couture workout glove for the individual you are.


Initially, Hedda’s goal was to design a glove for comfort and protection — two very important qualities in a lifting glove. She wanted more than what was already on the market, which she refers to as a smaller version of a man’s glove. Boring! She wanted more edginess. A glove that enabled her to maintain her femininity while pumping the requisite iron!

It’s here. It’s pretty. It is feminine, protective, sassy, sexy, sweet and comfortable. State of the art “action traction” provides a no slip grip. The “Lift and Love” glove is designed with your uniqueness in mind. Try our “Lingerie for the Hand” for a touch of glamour while workin’ it!

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