Tips to Sustain your Motivation

Find a visual to inspire you:

Find an image of somebody who represents a physique or athletic ability that you aspire to achieve. However,  don’t get too caught up with the idea of  trying to be like someone else who may have a different set of  life circumstances to yourself. What is even better, is to find images of yourself when you have been at your best physically . You can use yourself  for inspiration and this can be very powerful.

Like attracts like:

Align yourself with likeminded individuals who genuinely want to see you succeed. Such friends will hold you accountable and ensure that you stay on track. If you fall off the wagon they will help you get back on just as you will help them. If your current circle is mostly people who are where you don’t want to be, chances are they will help to keep you off track, and this it will make it much harder for you to accomplish what you really want.

Keep Things Fresh:

Variety is the spice of life. Boredom and staleness are an inevitable state of affairs unless you switch things up. Try a new gym or venture outside. Some kind of consistency is required to accomplish a goal, but change can be a vital part of the plan and can work miracles when it comes to motivation. Even something as small as changing your workout music playlist or buying some new workout clothes can really liven up your next training session.

Be Commited to your goal:

Having a goal that is extremely important to you is key. If you have a goal with a deadline you are less likely to find excuses to let yourself fall off track. Set fitness goals for 1 year, 6 months, 90 days and weekly. The accomplishment  of short term goals are highly rewarding and help you to keep your larger long term goals within your sights. Remember to re-affirm your goals to yourself on a regular basis so you don’t get too distracted by the many other temptations of life.