When I met Judy I was already a pretty active person. I worked out very regularly doing mostly cardio with a little bit of weight training. My issue with the way I was training was my tendency to do a lot of the same exercises everyday, which caused me to stop seeing any sort of results from my work. One of my biggest fitness goals was to lean out my body specifically my legs. Judy helped me immensely to build lean muscle mass that has made my legs and rest of my body look great!

From training with Judy I have significantly cut back on my cardio, which wasn’t leaning my body out, and increased my weight training. I never thought I would be so excited about working with weights and machines, but Judy showed me how properly use them for my goals and now I really enjoy it.


I starting enjoying weight training so much that Judy suggested I try competing in a WBFF show. So I did! I had an amazing experience both preparing for the show and competing. In preparing for the show Judy taught me the ins and outs of posing, proper workouts, and proper nutrition.

Having to be a little stricter with my routine than usual taught me a lot about my body. I learned on a deeper level how to lean out in a whole new way. The show was very rewarding and even post show I have kept a lot of the preparation habits I developed, which has further changed my physique.  



Judy taught me how to train outside of my comfort zone so that I would not revert back to doing the same exercises day after day. She even inspired me to continually set new fitness goals that we are still working on now.

She taught me that you can always go further than your initial goal. Within the eight months that I have been training with Judy my body looks very different, in a great way! I look much stronger and leaner than I ever thought that I could.