I have a group of amazing clients with whom I have been working, to help them make huge changes in their lives. My main area of relevant expertise is fitness and nutrition. However, when it comes to changing a persons lifestyle there is so much more to it than simply following an exercise routine and a meal plan. First of all, a person must be inspired. This led me to ask myself who inspires me? My answer is a person who embodies qualities that I admire and who leads by example.

I was first inspired  to become a personal trainer at the age of 16 after reading about a coach who had totally transformed the body and health of a significantly obese person. It was the first time I had heard of a career called ‘Personal training’ and I knew instantly it was something I could do and be good at. I never wanted to be an average trainer I wanted to be outstanding. It has been my goal to evolve into the type of trainer that I myself would want to hire.


Lead by example.

If we want to change or improve our lives in any way, then that journey starts from within. A person must change their thoughts, habits, and behaviors. They must evaluate  how they view themselves and how they respond (or react) to others.

Without a fitness competition in the immediate future to motivate me to push myself beyond my limits, I needed some fresh ideas and ways to expand my horizons. To accomplish this I came up with the ‘Transform With Me”  Inspiration Project to inspire, motivate and educate myself and others. My client and friend Shannon Llewellyn of Sports Research is on a similar path. She is training for her first WBFF competition on October 15th 2016 in Hollywood and wants to overcome some of the challenges she faced post-show after her last competition  at Muscle Beach. We decided to take this opportunity to document our journeys and to hold each other accountable along the way. Please take a look at my video which is the introduction to my 6- part ‘Transform with Me’  video series.