I’d like to say a huge congratulations to my client and good friend Erika Straub who recently competed in Bikini at the Ferrigno Legacy in Santa Barbara. She originally came to me wanting to get in shape for a photo shoot. While we were working out together one morning we actually ran into the former Hulk star Lou Ferrigno at Golds gym. He encouraged both of us to compete in his show. I was still recovering from a broken leg but I knew we could get Erika ready in time.

Erika is a full time Personal trainer at Equinox in Santa Monica and on top of this she is studying for her masters in Psychology. Needless to say she has a lot on her plate. A lot of people feel that when stress is high that exercise is something that goes out the window. This is a huge mistake as regular exercise is the natural antidote for stress, anxiety and depression. I wouldn’t recommend going as far as to train for a competition during times of high stress, and due to the amount of things that Erika had on her plate we made sure that we didn’t place too much emphasis on going through with it. We wanted to put her health first and Erika didn’t enter until 2 weeks before the show, when she felt confident she would be ready.

A typical contest prep is 12-16 weeks, and if your goal is to win, then during that time it needs to become your number one priority. If you have a family, relationship, demanding job, or school, then you can find yourself struggling to give your attention to everything that requires it.

I am happy to say that against the odds Erika accomplished our goal and we both learned a hell of a lot along the way!! Please watch this video which shows the highlights of Erika’s 6 -week journey to the stage. Erika is an inspirational woman and we have big goals and dreams to accomplish in 2015, so watch this space!!! If you enjoy the video please subscribe to my YouTube Channel! 🙂

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