WBFF World Championships 2012

On August 25th 2012 I finally achieved a huge goal of mine. After taking 2 years off from Figure competition I finally decided to step back on the WBFF (World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation) stage at the World Championships in Toronto.

I first competed in Figure with The WBFF in 2008 while I lived in Canada. It was my second competion and to be honest, I had little idea of what was really expected on stage by the judges. I knew you were judged on your physique but was unaware of how much more there was to it. I had won a show (My very first) 3 weeks prior, that required a posing routine to music, and mandatory Bodybuilding poses. I therefore thought simply walking on stage in heels and doing ‘quarter turns’ would be easy in comparision. Not so much. I placed 4th in Figure in my height category which was great for me, considering my limited knowledge of the required stage presentation or fitness modelling in general.

I was keen to learn more about how to be successful in this pursuit. It was such a well produced and enjoyably glamorous show, that I simply had to be a part of it. The following year the WBFF ran their first season of regional shows, which included Vancouver, BC, Canada,  the city in which I resided at the time. I placed 1st in my height category at the WBFF BC championships in April 2009. My performance at this show was a drastic improvement on the previous year. I was more muscular however, not quite as lean which had me just missing out on the overall title and the pro card. One of my clients Stephanie Castro was a huge hit at this show and won the fitness model category, earned her pro status and went on to be featured in Status Fitness Magazine.

I decided to try again a few months later at the WBFF World Championships September 2009. This time I brought a much tighter package, but the competition was also fierce. I won my height class but again missed out on the overall title, the 3 height class winners bringing very different looks (I am on the far left).

I was very pleased to have won my height category at this show and felt that I had really given it my best shot at obtaining my WBFF Pro status. I did intend to compete once more at the WBFF BC show in 2010, however due to changes in personal circumstances the timing was not right. I therefor decided to focus on coaching my clients to compete at this show instead. I also wondered if I might be better suited to other federations, so in 2010 I tried my luck at The CBBF Western Canadian Championships, winning my height class once more. Finally at the Muscle Beach International Classic in Venice Beach, California I won my height category AND the overall title and more trophies than I could carry home!!

I took a shot at a third show that year at the CBBF BC Championships, hoping to qualify for the Canadian Nationals, but that was definitelely one too many competitions for me that year. I didn’t enjoy it, I was burned out, and my body had stopped responding to training and diet. It actually took me a very long time to recover from this level of burn out but it was an extremely valuable lesson. I did not place well at this show and it was probably the worst I have ever looked in a competition.

After this disappointment I promised myself not compete again until there was a show I was REALLY excited about taking part in, and that my personal circumstances be ideal enough to allow me to focus fully. Competing is extremely expensive also and it was important to me that I had finances available to allow me to compete at the level required to succeed.

Two years later I relocated from Vancouver BC Canada after 4 years, returned to my home city of London and began working at The Third Space, London’s Premier Fitness Club. Early in 2012 they announced they would be sponsoring trainers who wished to compete in various sporting activities during the year. With this financial backing along with additional support from one of my client’s companies TSN News Online I decided to travel once more to Toronto with the primary objective of obtaining my WBFF Pro status. This was my most focussed and disciplined contest prep to date, bringing me in at my lightest and leanest prior to flying out. During my 3 years away from the WBFF stage, the federation had grown immensely and I was instantly blown away by the level of competition. I really began to wonder, when I saw the other athletes whether my efforts, although my best, would be enough to bring home a 1st place trophy and that elusive pro card.

I won my height category and went up against the other categories to be compared for the overall. Before they announced the winner they announced that they would be giving out THREE pro cards this year. My stage smile grew into an uncontrollable grin. At this point I didn’t care whether I won the overall title or not, my mission had been accomplished and I already knew I was going to have to work a hell of a lot harder to measure up to the outstanding girls of the WBFF  Figure Model Pro Division. In this division is one of my favourite Figure athletes of all time, Emily Stirling, the 3X Pro world champion (Below, center in blue). This woman is a fierce competitor and a phenomenal athlete with a background in gymnastics.

The overall Amateur title went to the very deserving Rootawan Jindasing (below, far right). I was genuinely happy for her, she looked amazing and I was extremely happy for myself!

My goal for next year is to place top 3 in the Pro Figure division. I have a lot to do to measure up to these ladies but a whole year in which to do it.
My Motto: