Here is a quick routine to tone up your butt and abs. Perform this routine 3 times per week to build core strength,  increase glute activation and hip stabilization. This is perfect for beginners and for advanced exercisers who may travel a lot and have a need for a quick routine and no gym access. This workout will also raise your heart rate, thus providing cardiovascular benefits. Video demonstration is provided!! Break a sweat!!!


Floor exercises


Circuit 1


Glute bridges x 15

Heel lowers (lower back into the floor)    x 20

Plank 30 – 60 seconds

Crunches with legs raised   x 20


Repeat this circuit 3 times.


Resistance Band exercises.


Circuit 2


Lateral walks 15 steps each direction

Reverse walks 20 steps backwards

Glute extensions 20 per leg

Squat jumps 20


Rest for 2 minutes.


Repeat this circuit 3 times